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The videos below are hosted on YouTube. Viewers should be aware that YouTube heavily degrades (compresses) videos to save space and bandwidth. This results in lower quality video footage than the original footage. Unfortunately we cannot control how YouTube chooses to degrade our video footage, however, for an optimal viewing experience click the gear icon within the video and select 720P HD. If you are on a cell phone or other mobile device, the default 360P resolution should be sufficient.

If you have limited bandwidth, then we recommend leaving the default 360P resolution or the video will probably fail to play properly. The source videos for all footage shown below were much higher resolution uncompressed 1080P HD. We also have the ability to shoot in full 4k, but few monitors and televisions can properly display that resolution.


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Live Street Performance at Largo Central Park

Live Street Performance

Largo, FL
Commercial Real Estate Video Virtual Tour

Commercial Video Virtual Tour

Tampa, FL
Tampa Drone Construction Video Services

Building Demolition

Tampa, FL
Pilates Instructor video

Pilates Instructor

Tampa, FL
Genie and Merzedes - You are my sunshine wedding and engagement video

Engagement Video

Tampa, FL
Sample Commercial Real Estate Video

Sample Commercial Real Estate Video

Clearwater, FL
Amazing Aerial Video of Niagara Falls Canada

Amazing Niagara Falls Aerial Video

Niagara Falls, Canada
Video Tour of Upscale Tampa Property

Upscale PRoperty - Video Virtual Tour

Tampa, Florida
Video Tour of Tampa Waterfront Property

Waterfront - Video Virtual Tour

Tampa, Florida
Awesome Aerial Video Highlight Reel

Awesome Aerial Video Highlight Reel

Video Tour of $1.2M St Pete Beach Property

$1.2M Property - Video Virtual Tour

St Petersburg, Florida
Odessa, FL Property - Video Virtual Tour

Video Virtual Tour

Odessa, Florida
Fox Squirrel Corn Maze 2016

Fox Squirrel Corn Maze 2016

Plant City, Florida
Florida Botanical Gardens Holiday Lights

Florida Botanical Gardens

St Petersburg, Florida
Real Estate Video tour of Revels Road Riverview FL Property

Revels Road Property

Riverview, Florida
Aerial Drone and Traditional Video of FishHawk Ranch

FishHawk Ranch

Lithia, Florida
Aerial Drone and Traditional Video of World's Largest Sulfur Melter

World's Largest Sulfur Melter

Mulberry, Florida
Aerial Drone and Real Estate Interior Video of a Tennessee Cabin

Virtual Tour of A Tennessee Cabin

Aerial Drone Video of the Port Manatee Commerce Center

Port Manatee Commerce Center

Palmetto, FL
Aerial Drone Video shot with the DJI Inspire 1 Pro

Demo Reel Inspire 1 Pro

Multiple Locations
Aerial Drone Slideshow of Pictures Taken with the New DJI Inspire 1 Pro

Aerial Slideshow Inspire 1 Pro

Multiple Locations
PHENOMENAL Aerial Drone Video of Fireworks 4th of July 2015

PHENOMENAL 4th of July 2015

Siesta Key, FL