• Aerial

    189 photos

    This album contains aerial drone pictures of residential real estate from some of our customer's real estate listings around the Tampa Bay area. Nothing can showcase the big picture like aerial pictures. Potential buyers don't just want to see the front yard, they want to see the whole neighborhood.

  • Exteriors

    131 photos

    This album contains exterior pictures of residential real estate properties. While aerial drone photography is great for the big picture, the details matter too. DroneVU Studios uses high quality professional DSLR cameras to film the real estate property details such as the pool, front yard, back yard, and exterior amenities.

  • Main Rooms

    70 photos

    Main rooms are very important to real estate listings. They showcase the amenities inside the house as well as how much room there is for furniture and decorations. We ensure the main living spaces are showcased in the most positive light possible using creative angles and the latest equipment.

  • Kitchens

    23 photos

    Kitchens are particularly important for real estate photography. The cook of the household must approve of the kitchen or the house may not sell. For kitchens we pay particular attention to detail and ensure to capture the best elements of each kitchen to make sure that it is shown in the best way possible.

  • Bedrooms

    32 photos

    Bedrooms are important and of particular importance is the Master Bedroom which is typically where the home owners will spend their downtime. At DroneVU Studios we always film the Master Bedroom from at least two angles to ensure your potential buyers can imagine themselves living in the home.

  • Bathrooms

    22 photos

    In this album we show you residential real estate bathroom pictures from some of the bathrooms we have filmed for customers around the Tampa Bay area. Bathrooms are interesting to film because they typically involve tight spaces and plenty of mirrors.