Frequently Asked Questions

About DroneVU Studios

Interior Real Estate Photography

Do you offer interior real estate photography?

Yes. We can take professional pictures of the interior of homes for real estate listings as well as the exterior and aerial pictures.

Do you use High Dynamic Range (HDR) when needed?

Yes. When necessary we use HDR to increase the quality of the footage when needed. Most real estate photographers charge extra for this service. We use it in all of our footage as needed.

Do you offer video walk throughs of real estate properties?

At this time we only offer traditional real estate photography pictures for the interior of homes. At some point in the future if our customers request this service we may offer interior video services.

How many interior pictures will I get?

Typically you will get up to 20 pictures highlighting the main areas of the house: living room, dining room, kitchen, master bedroom, master bathroom, pool (if applicable), unique features, etc.

Exterior Real Estate Photography

Do you offer exterior real estate photography?

Yes. We do offer exterior real estate photography. If you only need interior and exterior photographs of the real estate listing, we can offer just traditional photography for the listing.

Do you offer pole photography?

No. At this point we only offer true aerial photography using our aerial photography platforms. We do not offer pole photography (where the camera is placed on a pole to give a slightly elevated view of the property). We may offer this service in the future if our customers request it.

Do you offer dusk real estate photgraphy?

Yes. Dusk real estate footage is a great way to showcase a property's unique lighting, architectural design, or meticulous landscaping.

How many exterior pictures will I get?

Typically you will get up to 6 pictures highlighting the front of the house, sides of the house, back of the house, pool (if applicable), and any unique features such as stables or waterfront.

Aerial Real Estate Photography

Are all properties good candidates for aerial footage?

Not all properties are good cadidates for aerial footage. Our recommendation is that the property should have some characteristic that shows well from the air (i.e. equestrian estates, 10 acres, multiple structures, beachfront, etc.) and not too many nearby aerial obstructions (i.e. power lines, neighbors, trees, etc).

How many aerial pictures will I get?

Typically you will get up to 6 pictures showing up to 360 degrees of the property from the air. If there are unique nearby features such as the beach, or a city view, we will take additional pictures from different altitudes so that you will have additional footage to pick from.

Aerial Real Estate Video

Are all properties good candidates for aerial real estate video?

The answer is NO. As a matter of a fact, MOST properties are not good candidates for aerial real estate video. Videos need a lot of content to keep the viewer interested, an aerial video doing nothing more than showing the outside of a single property from the air will quickly lose the viewer's interest. We strongly recommend only choosing an aerial video if the property is very large, has some unique features, is a part of a community that has a lot of community features, or is a great waterfront property. There are some other exceptions but the bottom line is it takes a lot of content to create a real estate video; without a lot of content we recommend aerial pictures only.

How long is a typical aerial real estate video?

Typically real estate videos that we produce range from 1 - 3 minutes depending on the property. Longer videos will tend to lose the viewer's interest or continue showing footage well after the viewer is already sold. Construction videos for construction customers are as long as needed to fully document the construction site.


I need footage, now what?

After you contact us we will give you a timeframe for when we will be on site. As long as the property is not in a gated community, we can go on site, obtain the footage, then send you the footage without you having to be there. If the property is occupied we will announce our presence to the homeowner before beginning work. If the property is gated or there are other special considerations we will need to meet the seller or selling agent at the location to commence filming.

How do I get the completed footage?

All finished product is delivered by a purely electronic means, typically via email or via a download link to the completed footage. No tangible personal property is transferred to any customers at any time. This allows us to save on costs which we pass on to all of our customers.

What areas do you serve?

We are headquartered in Tampa, Florida and we serve the following surrounding areas; Tampa, Brandon, Riverview, Lakeland, Wesley Chapel, Seffner, Clearwater, Saint Petersburg, Bellaire, Dunedin, Palm Harbor, Tarpon Springs, and other nearby areas not listed here. Upon special request we can travel to other locations, let us know what you have in mind. Requests for Orlando, Sarasota, or Ocala may incur an additional destination charge due to the distance.

What is your pricing?

We have pricing options to fit almost any budget. Contact us for a complete price schedule. Our prices start at a very affordable $75.00. We do not nickle and dime you over every service or feature, we use flat rates that are very affordable and customize each quote to meet our customer's requirements. Click here to view our real estate photography packages.

Do you do real estate only?

We specialize in real estate photography and real estate video. By specializing in real estate we are able to closely tailor our packages, equipment, and expertise to real estate advertising needs. We consider real estate to be everything from nature attractions to construction sites to properties for sale. However, if you have a custom request let us know and we will determine on a case by case basis if we are able to assist.

How soon can you film?

We can begin most real estate projects within 7 business days.

How long does processing take?

Processing real estate photographs can take up to 7 business days. Typical turnaround times are closer to 24hrs. For real estate videos, processing times can take up to 14 business days. Typically we can process a video within 48hrs.

I see a lot of aerial drone footage of things other than houses on your website, why?

In our limited free time we enjoy filming nature, interesting architectural structures, and pretty much anything that we think will look great from the air. Feel free to check out our extensive galleries of parks, attractions, waterfalls, and the ocean. All aerial photographs and aerial videos on this site were created strictly for demonstration purposes only. Nothing of monetary value was exchanged between DroneVU Studios and any establishement, individual, or corporation in connection with the creation, processing, or delivery of any of the aerial footage found on this site.

What resolution will the pictures be?

The resolution of the pictures will always be in High Definition. All of the pictures and videos will exceed the resolution of most pictures found in real estate listings.