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Construction Album Updated – Riverview YMCA

Aerial Construction Photography Picture
Aerial Construction Photography Picture

We were onsite at the location of where the new YMCA will be built and captured some great aerial construction photographs of the site before any of the buildings are complete.

At DroneVU Studios we specialize in all aspects of real estate needs, from before the ground is broken all the way through to showing a tour of the completed facilities.

If you are in the construction industry we can create periodic terrestrial and complimentary aerial footage of the work site based on a schedule you select.

Weekly? No problem, monthly? Still, we can do that, once when the ground is broken and one more time when the site is open for business? We’ve got construction packages to meet any need and the customized equipment, experience, and staff necessary to get it done.

Click the following link or the picture above to check out our latest additions to the construction album.