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wannaGOFAST 2015 Album

Aerial Drone Photograph of the wannaGOFAST event
Aerial Drone Photograph of the wannaGOFAST event

DroneVU Studios went on location to create an aerial photography album of the wannaGOFAST 2015 event located at Jumbolair in Ocala, Florida. After being cleared for takeoff by the airport manager, we set to work filming the wannaGOFAST event from the air and from the ground.

We captured some great footage of the high speed runs down John Travolta’s private airstrip and made sure to get some great passes over the 144 cars waiting their turn to race down the runway.

wannaGOFAST was founded in order to fill a niche in the motorsports market place. Their goal was to create a safe and controlled environment for fellow car enthusiasts to pursue their “Need for Speed” without the restrictions of the standard 1/8 or ¼ mile drag strip. They have taken a “retro” approach to what Americana used to be and fast forwarded it into Modern Day times with an efficient and unique event platform.

Check out the aerial album of their Ocala, FL event and stay tuned, the aerial video is coming soon.