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Drone Photography: Sets Listings Apart From The Rest

Drone Photography - Earth from space picture

When everyone else is using still photography and ground level shots, drone video could be the difference between that important first contact between a potential buyer and that all too common walk away.

The real estate market right now is a buyers market, interest rates are at record lows, banks have somewhat loosened lending standards, and the job market is improving with every report.

As if all of that was not enough, the housing market in the Tampa area is full of high quality listings waiting to be sold.

Although still photography is great, all too often it leaves potential buyers yearning for more; there’s always that one angle that would have sold them if they had seen it, or that aerial view of the surrounding neighborhood that simply didn’t exist.

At DroneVU Studios we take pride in ensuring that these missed opportunities are a thing of the past. We have developed a flying pattern that was specifically designed with real estate photography and real estate videography in mind; ensuring that all 360 degrees of a house is recorded in full 1080p HD resolution as well as clear shots of the surrounding neighborhood.

DroneVU Studios’ consumers are the most informed on the market, no shot is left behind when we arrive on set.  Contact us today to get started.

Aerial Real Estate Media Services


Aerial Real Estate Services Picture

Why aerial photography? Real estate agents, brokers, and private homeowners know that in the competitive market today, every property needs to stand out to be noticed.

Studies have shown that properties sell up to 60% faster when a potential buyer can mentally picture themselves in their future home. To capture a potential buyer’s attention you have less than 45 seconds to make an impression, all it takes is one missing picture or missed angle to lose a buyer’s interest.

At DroneVU Studios, we ensure you convert those missed opportunities into success stories by getting the pictures and taking the videos that seals the deal.