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Building Demolition Video

In this video we take you on a behind the scenes look at a building demolition in Tampa Florida. This demolition crew worked around the clock in blazing heat, rain, and night to bring this building down. Most people think that explosives are what is needed to demolish a building but this team proves that there’s more than one way to bring down a building.

DroneVU Studios used multiple techniques combined with professional video and photography editing to complete this project. At DroneVU Studios we are experienced at both the ordinary and the extraordinary and we always use only the latest equipment, software, hardware, and techniques to bring you amazing videos and photography from around the Tampa Bay area and beyond.

We specialize at everything from construction videography to model photography. This video is a good example of how we used our experience to capture those key moments during the demolition project. Stay tuned as we continue to bring you aerial video, real estate video, drone photography, drone video, and traditional photography from around the Bay area.ccon

New Gallery – Residential Real Estate Interiors

Residential Real Estate Interior Photography
Residential Real Estate Interior Photography

As DroneVU Studios continues to provide premier residential real estate photography services throughout the Tampa Bay area we are pleased to announce the creation of a new photo gallery called Residential Real Estate Interiors.

DroneVU Studios is a full service real estate photography provider, creating premium photography footage from the air and from the ground. We are experienced real estate photographers who can ensure your property stands out amongst the crowded field of real estate listings. You can ensure your potential buyers will view your listing at its best once DroneVU Studios helps you showcase the property using premium real estate photography services.

Our aerial drone platforms capture residential real estate properties in stunning HD and our creation process will give your potential clients and buyers 360 degree aerial views of the property.

But we do not stop there, from the ground using what we call traditional photography, we put our professional DSLR cameras to work to create hiqh quality premium traditional footage of the exterior of the property.

We then proceed inside to film the interior of the property using multiple in house techniques to create interior footage that is certain to attract your buyer’s attention.  We specialize in everything from vista views to detail shots, using only the latest equipment and techniques to showcase your listing.

DroneVU Studios will continue to specialize in aerial and traditional footage for residential real estate, commercial real estate, and construction real estate around the Tampa Bay area, and for our customers that demand only the best, DroneVU Studios has the equipment and experience to deliver.

Click the link below or the picture above to view the new Residential Real Estate Interiors gallery:


Check back often as we update the gallery with some of our favorite residential real estate interiors throughout the Tampa Bay area.

Brandon Parkway Trail Album

Brandon Parkway Trail Album
Brandon Parkway Trail Album

The Brandon Parkway Trail is a 3 mile trail located in Brandon, FL. The run has a total ascent of 3.16 feet and has a maximum elevation of 50.59 feet.

DroneVU Studios went on location to film the trail using both traditional photography and aerial photography. The trail offers many scenic views despite the fact that a major roadway is less than 30′ away.

We were able to capture some great nature shots of the local waterfowl as well as some of the trail’s amenities.  After wrapping up the terrestrial shoot, we took to the air to bring you our signature aerial photographs of the trail and surrounding area.

If you are looking for a quick 3 mile run in the middle of Brandon, the Brandon Parkway trail might be what you are looking for. Click the following link or the picture above to view the full terrestrial and aerial album.


As we continue to film many areas of interest around the Western coast of Florida, we are constantly reminded that our favorite real estate is typically the one that most people don’t traditional consider real estate; nature trails and nature.

Aerial Drone Real Estate Photography Benefits

Overhead Real Estate Photograph Sold Sign

As the real estate market heats up for the summer, DroneVU Studios is hard at work bringing you high quality aerial real estate and aerial construction photographs from around the Tampa Bay area. As time and our schedule permits, we also head down to Sarasota and Miami to ensure no real estate property is left behind.

Our highly customized aerial real estate photography platforms are designed to capture only the highest quality aerial footage of houses, buildings, construction sites, and other forms of real estate.

Many people do not realize how many potential uses drones have in the photography world to give viewers of the completed footage a unique view on the world around them.

Aerial drones are perfectly suited to perform many functions in the real estate market including roof inspections, real estate market advertising, construction site aerial monitoring, they can even be used to map terrain or prevent costly construction mistakes before they happen.

The real estate market is already beginning to reap the benefits of aerial drones by using them to create real estate listings that are eye catching; many real estate listings now have a leading photograph that immediately draws attention to the listing by showing a near 3 dimensional view of the listing.

Traditional photography is simply incapable of showing potential buyers, renters, and tenants the world around a real estate listing the way that an aerial photography platform can.

Aerial drones are rapidly replacing the roles traditionally filled by helicopters and airplanes as they find more and more ways to much more cost effectively benefit the real estate industry.

Florida has many great properties that can only truly be shown well from an aerial view. Florida’s vast amounts of oceanfront real estate properties are perfect candidates for aerial photographs; with aerial drones it is possible to show potential buyers the oceanfront view without ever leaving the ground, the waterfront in both directions without stepping foot on a boat, and the surrounding neighborhoods in higher resolution than satellite photos.

Nothing says welcome to your new home like an aerial view of your new neighborhood.


Aerial Drone Real Estate Photography Outlook for 2015


As we enter into 2015 the real estate industry is becoming more and more aware of how a birds eye view of real estate properties for sale can set their listing apart from the rest. Potential buyers need more and more incentive to click that next real estate listing as the housing market continues to produce wave after wave of high quality real estate listings.

Potential homebuyers love seeing a different and innovative perspective on their future neighborhood; aerial photographs of listings can show eye catching features such as the beach, equestrian properties, and the surrounding neighborhood.

Terrestrial photography of a real estate listing simply cannot do many real estate listings justice. Aerial photography is becoming the way of the future; showing people the world around them in very personal and innovative ways that were not possible or practical before.

Real estate professionals are well aware of how hard it can be to catch a potential buyer’s eye; the one thing that is sure to set their listings apart is an aerial view of their listing.

At DroneVU Studios we pride ourselves in producing high quality aerial photography and aerial videography of real estate listings around Tampa, Brandon, Clearwater, and other surrounding areas.

Due to current regulations, all aerial footage is completely free of charge. We also specialize in filming the interior of high end listings using traditional photography. Our experienced real estate photographers know how to get the right angles, lighting, and post processing that it takes to produce high quality interior, exterior, and aerial photographs of listings.

The best part is that our presence is pratically unnoticed. Simply send us the address and let us do all of the work. We will send you the completed footage once it is done. We know how busy real estate professionals are, and we make sure that capturing every angle of a listing is the most painless part of advertising the property.

Don’t forget to check out our real estate and construction galleries. We can capture every moment of a new development, from the ground breaking ceremony to the interior of Tampa’s newest addition to the real estate market.


Construction Album Updated

Aerial Photograph of Construction Site
Aerial Photograph of Construction Site

DroneVU Studios has been busy filming construction sites to include houses, apartment buildings, and traditional buildings. We have recently updated our construction album with the latest aerial construction photographs.

At DroneVU Studios we have customized our equipment to meet the needs of the construction industry. We can work with any construction need, whether it be periodic flyovers as the construction site progresses, or an aerial video of the site at its start and another one once it is complete.

We also provide traditional photographs with every construction package, so your future home owners, building dwellers, and other tenants as well as future customers can see your work from every angle.

No job is too large or too small, our packages start at 10 structures for aerial photographs and 250,000 sq/ft for aerial video and can be customized as needed.

Don’t forget to check out the aerial construction album located here or just click the picture above.: http://dronevustudios.com/gallery/index.php?/category/25

2015 Photography and Video Packages Published

Our new packages for 2015 are now published, the best part is; all aerial photographs and aerial videos are completely FREE!!

We have closely tailored our packages to what real estate professionals need, ensuring that we provide the highest value with the least cost throughout the Tampa Bay area.

Basic listing with only a few photogenic items of interest? We’ve got you covered. Multi-million dollar mansion equestrian estates with vast amounts of land? We’ve still got you covered.

We focus on providing high quality terrestrial interior and exterior photographs and all packages include completely FREE aerial photographs or aerial video.

Our exterior terrestrial photography pricing is based on the number of angles that we are able to photograph vs the traditional hourly or flat rate. This allows us to closely tailor our pricing based on the complexity of the job, allowing us to start our pricing at a very affordable $50.00 for simple jobs.

With every terrestrial photograph purchase, you receive complimentary aerial photographs of the property.

Our slideshow pricing is also based on the complexity of the job and whether or not we need to coordinate the presence of the owner or listing agent.

With every slideshow purchase you receive a complimentary aerial video of the property with the slideshow both separate and embedded in the complimentary aerial footage.

Click here to view the new 2015 packages:



Aerial Video Helps Real Estate Agents

Aerial Photograph Blog Picture

Real estate professionals have discovered that the immersive experience that aerial video offers helps them sell their listings faster.

Potential buyers and renters know all too well that properties rarely show as well as the pictures. When marketing to this jaded audience sellers and agents need a competitive edge to land that important first contact with potential customers.

At DroneVU Studios we know what potential buyers are looking for and we deliver..each and every time at extremely affordable rates.

When you don’t dare to risk that customer walk away leave it to us to show your potential clients the angle they have been waiting for.

Aerial video and aerial photography are just getting started, make sure your listings are a cut above the rest with an aerial video or slideshow that no qualified home buyer can afford to pass up.