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Drones Meet Star Wars

A French drone club raced through a forested drone course at speeds exceeding 70mph.  A total of 24 drones competed in the event, we are not sure how many lived to tell of it but the footage from their FPV (First Person View) cameras is phenomenal.

Although the language is French, the action speaks for itself as these drones race through the forest.


Drones Off to the Races

Drone Races

Drones recently were put through their paces in Detroit when members of a Detroit Drone group organized a drone race  at Detroit’s Dorais Velodrome.

The drones in the race could travel in excess of 35 mph and could easily handle tricks like barrel rolls in addition to the usual 6 axis movement that most drones enjoy.

Needless to say, your typical aerial photography class drone does not have this kind of capability but 25mph plus speeds are still not considered slow by anyone who has ever flown one.

Drone races in the Tampa area sound like a fine idea, if enough drone owners in the Tampa area agree, drone races may soon be coming to a Tampa location near you.

Who knows, we may even make a showing at the races with a custom drone of our own.