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Hollis Garden Album Updated

Aerial Drone Picture of Hollis Garden, Lakeland FL
Aerial Drone Picture of Hollis Garden, Lakeland FL

Located at 702 East Orange Street, Lakeland FL, 33801, Hollis Garden is a A Botanic Garden set in a neo-classical architectural environment complete with patterned flower beds, public art and ornamental fountains.

Check out the aerial and terrestrial album by clicking the link below or the picture above, and stay tuned as we bring you even more  pictures of residential real estate, commercial real estate, and construction real estate around the Tampa Bay area.


Hollis Garden – Lakeland Florida

As you may know already from reading our blog, DroneVU Studios recently went on location to Hollis Garden in Lakeland Florida and shot an aerial video of the park’s main attractions.  In addition to video, we also captured some great stills of the park which are below.

Hollis Garden is a popular Lakeland Florida destination for weddings, graduation parties, birthdays, and other memorable events.

Aerial photography is our passion, as we continue shooting the Landmark Series we will also continue to release still footage of each location shot in full HD resolution.


Here is an aerial picture looking across the garden

Aerial Photography - Hollis Garden

This is the view you will be presented with as you walk through the garden from the main building.

Aerial Drone Photograph of Hollis Garden - Lakeland Florida

Introducing the Landmark Series

At DroneVU Studios we have decided to start a new video and gallery series called the Landmark Series. In this series we will film landmarks around the Tampa Bay area, Orlando, and Sarasota.

This series is meant to highlight what Florida has to offer as well as to provide some great aerial video and picture footage. Our very first landmark is the Hollis Garden in Lakeland Florida.