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Drones Help Farmers

Overhead Drone Photography Corn Field

Drones have many uses in the aerial photography field and one of them is to assist farmers in finding new ways to increase crop output while reducing crop damage.

Historically if a farmer wanted to survey vast farmlands from the air, the only way to do so was to hire an expensive fixed wing or helicopter pilot to record aerial video or take aerial pictures.

Thanks to drones this cost can be greatly reduced by using a drone to do the heavy lifting.  As drone and camera technology improves the aerial imaging capabilities of drones will be used in even more and innovative ways to help farmers maximize their crop production.

At DroneVU Studios we can picture a setup where a drone could fly at a preset interval to specific way points and provide farmers with valuable insight into everything from fungal problems to soil discrepancies, to watering irregularities.

Although DroneVU Studios does not specialize in aerial photography or aerial videos for farmers, we could develop a custom solution upon request that would assist local Tampa farmers in keeping a close aerial eye on their crops.