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FAA Updates Drone Regulations For Some Areas


The Federal Aviation Administration posted a new warning notice on their website warns drone pilots that aircraft are prohibited from flying below 3,000 feet and within 3 miles of a National Football League, NCAA Division I college football game, or a Major League Baseball game for national security reasons.

The Indy Car, Champ, and NASCAR Sprint Cup auto races are also included in the warning. The restriction is from one hour before the events to one hour after.

At DroneVU Studios we restrict our drone flights to aerial photography and videography of real estate only due to our own safety concerns associated with flying a UAV or UAS over such populated areas. DroneVU Studios also fully complies with all existing FAA regulations and looks forward to a complete set of formal guidance from the FAA.

FAA Approves Limited Commerical Drone Use


The FAA announced on September 25, 2014 that it had approved certain use of drones which is a very important first step towards removing some of the unknowns which currently exist when dealing with drone regulation.

At DroneVU Studios we continuously monitor these events as they unfold to ensure that we can continue to comply with all state and federal regulations while providing our customers with the aerial videos and pictures that will set them apart.