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Drones Off to the Races

Drone Races

Drones recently were put through their paces in Detroit when members of a Detroit Drone group organized a drone race  at Detroit’s Dorais Velodrome.

The drones in the race could travel in excess of 35 mph and could easily handle tricks like barrel rolls in addition to the usual 6 axis movement that most drones enjoy.

Needless to say, your typical aerial photography class drone does not have this kind of capability but 25mph plus speeds are still not considered slow by anyone who has ever flown one.

Drone races in the Tampa area sound like a fine idea, if enough drone owners in the Tampa area agree, drone races may soon be coming to a Tampa location near you.

Who knows, we may even make a showing at the races with a custom drone of our own.

Drone Photography: Sets Listings Apart From The Rest

Drone Photography - Earth from space picture

When everyone else is using still photography and ground level shots, drone video could be the difference between that important first contact between a potential buyer and that all too common walk away.

The real estate market right now is a buyers market, interest rates are at record lows, banks have somewhat loosened lending standards, and the job market is improving with every report.

As if all of that was not enough, the housing market in the Tampa area is full of high quality listings waiting to be sold.

Although still photography is great, all too often it leaves potential buyers yearning for more; there’s always that one angle that would have sold them if they had seen it, or that aerial view of the surrounding neighborhood that simply didn’t exist.

At DroneVU Studios we take pride in ensuring that these missed opportunities are a thing of the past. We have developed a flying pattern that was specifically designed with real estate photography and real estate videography in mind; ensuring that all 360 degrees of a house is recorded in full 1080p HD resolution as well as clear shots of the surrounding neighborhood.

DroneVU Studios’ consumers are the most informed on the market, no shot is left behind when we arrive on set.  Contact us today to get started.

Drone Ends Soccer Match

Drone Soccer Field

A drone single highhandedly ended a soccer match after flying a flag over the match during the Serbia v. Albania Euro 2016 qualifier soccer match.

Shortly before halftime, a drone appeared over the stadium and hovered above the stadium while displaying an Albanian flag, apparently in an attempt to make some sort of political statement.

The home side quickly proceeded to pull the flag down at which point the Albanian team confronted them. Moments later chaos ensued and turned into a riot which left the soccer officials no choice but to call off the game.

Clearly drones can be used for both good and bad, it is our intent at DroneVU Studios to address any concerns customers may have prior to starting a job and we specialize in only a few key areas of the drone industry specifically to guarantee minimal impact with maximum results for our customers.

Drone Used For Missing Persons Search

DroneVU Studios Tampa Missing Persons Poster

New ground is being broken in the drone industry as for the first time in the state of Virginia a drone is being used to search for a missing person.

Due to the amount of land surrounding the area where Jesse Matthew, 32 was last seen, the drone being used in the search for her is being used to more efficiently cover the area.

Drone’s high definition cameras and ability to take high quality video and still pictures ensures no turn will be left unturned.

Drone Shot down by neighbor


A New Jersey 32-year-old waiter allegedly shot down a neighbor’s remote controlled helicopter drone which was taking pictures of a nearby residence that was under construction.

The drone operator heard several shotgun blasts then suddenly lost control of his drone before realizing that his drone was the target of the gunfire.

Shortly thereafter the drone owner discovered his wreaked drone with numerous small holes in it.

Lowner Township Police proceeded to the home of Russell Percenti and spotted the shotgun used to bring down the ill fated drone. Percenti was arrested and charged with possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose and criminal mischief. In addition to the charges, the shotgun was seized as evidence due to the alleged crime.

Needless to say, here at DroneVU studios we go to great lengths to ensure our drone operators are safe and one of the ways we do this is we alert neighbors prior to filming a homeowner’s house and we work with the local community to ensure all concerns are met.