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Picture of The Day

Sample Picture of the Day
Sample Picture of the Day
Sample Picture of the Day
Sample Picture of the Day


At DroneVU Studios we travel all over Florida to film real estate, events, and create other great aerial and traditional photography footage. We frequently encounter or create footage that we feel is unique or interesting enough to share with the world.

Due to our ever growing library of footage created during our daily aerial and traditional photography shoots as well as aerial and traditional videography shoots, we have created a new album called Landscapes / Picture of the Day where we will publish footage from around Florida and other states that we created.

This new album is yet another way that DroneVU Studios continues to bring only the best aerial photography images, traditional photography images, and real estate photography footage to our viewers.

Stay tuned as more pictures of the day get created, processed, and published. At DroneVU Studios we will continue to create only the best aerial and traditional photography footage and aerial and traditional videography footage in the Tampa Bay area.

In the meantime check out the gallery by clicking the link below or the pictures above.


Aerial Photography Evolved – Introducing the Inspire 1 Pro

At DroneVU Studios we pride ourselves in delivering only the best aerial and traditional photography and videography footage in the Tampa Bay area. To ensure we continue to deliver only the best footage in Tampa Bay, we have added a new member to our drone family; the Inspire 1 Pro with the Zenmuse X5 micro-four thirds camera and gimbal.

With the Zenmuse X5 series, you have the world’s first set of Micro Four Thirds cameras built specifically for aerial photography and cinematography. Bringing unparalleled imaging quality together with integrated 3-axis gimbal stabilization which empowers DroneVU Studios to capture aerial footage in ways that were impossible before.

What this means is that you can expect even more great aerial real estate, nature, and construction video and photography footage from around the Tampa Bay area as we film and photograph the Bay area’s world class views.

The X5 is the next evolutionary step in aerial photography and DroneVU Studios is one of the first in the country to take that step as we prepare to bring you the next level of aerial photography and videography footage.

Of course no introduction would be complete without footage to accompany it, so check out the slideshow of aerial photographs taken with the new X5 by clicking the video above.

DroneVU Studios will continue to specialize in aerial and traditional footage for residential real estate, commercial real estate, and construction real estate around the Tampa Bay area, and for our customers that demand only the best, DroneVU Studios has the equipment and experience to deliver.

High Quality Sample Aerial Drone Footage

High Quality Sample Aerial Drone Footage
High Quality Sample Aerial Drone Footage

Our customers have asked and we have listened!

DroneVU Studios is pleased to announce a new section of our website called Sample Footage. In this section we will provide samples of our work in various formats up to 4K that can be downloaded by potential future customers. This will allow our customers to see for themselves the quality of the source footage that DroneVU Studios creates.

Video hosting sites such as YouTube and Vimeo down grade the quality of the source videos that are uploaded to them in order to save on storage space and bandwidth. For customers that intend to use our video footage for purposes other than Internet media outlets, our new section will help them decide if aerial drone footage will meet their needs by viewing the footage in its native format.

Stay tuned as we update the new section with sample footage representing the various services we offer. Sometime in the near future we will add high quality sample footage of construction sites, real estate properties, and provide sample source traditional and aerial pictures that can be downloaded as well.

Click the link below or the picture above to view the new section.