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Bok Tower Gardens Aerial Drone Video

DroneVU Studios went on location to the Bok Tower Gardens located at 1151 Tower Blvd, Lake Wales, FL 33853 to film the Bok Tower Gardens from the air and using traditional photography.

Bok Tower Gardens (also known as Bok Mountain Lake Sanctuary and Singing Tower) is a National Historic Landmark, contemplative garden, and bird sanctuary located north of Lake Wales, Florida, United States. It consists of a 250-acre garden, the 205 foot tall Singing Tower with its carillon bells, Pine Ridge Trail, Pinewood Estate, and a visitor center. The tower is built upon Iron Mountain, one of the highest points in Florida, estimated to be 295 feet above sea level. It is a National Historic Landmark that is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The Singing Tower is the centerpiece of the gardens. The tower was built at the highest elevation of the site, south of a reflection pool that allows the water to reflect its full image. A 60-bell carillon set within the 205-foot tall, Gothic Revival and Art Deco tower that was designed by architect Milton B. Medary. Construction on the tower began in 1927 and was completed for the dedication of the gardens in 1929, when it was dedicated by President Calvin Coolidge. The tower is 51 feet square at its base, changing form at 150 feet high to an octagon with 37 foot sides that include sculptures designed by Lee Lawrie. The tower is surrounded by a 15-foot moat that serves as a Koi pond. It is built of pink Etowah marble and gray Creole marble, mined in Tate, Georgia, and Florida native coquina stone, from Daytona Beach, Florida.

Although the tower’s interior is not open to the public, it contains the Anton Brees Carillon Library, said to be the largest carillon library in the world. It also is home to the Chao Research Center Archives which keeps various institutional records related to Bok Tower.

(Source: wikipedia.org)

DroneVU Studios took what is perhaps the first ever aerial drone photographs of the Bok Tower,  showing how modern technology can show ancient landmarks in ways never seen before.

But we are not done yet, stay tuned, the aerial photography album and traditional still photography album will be posted soon.

wannaGOFAST Aerial Video Published

DroneVU Studios went on location to create an aerial video of the wannaGOFAST 2015 event located at Jumbolair in Ocala, Florida. After being cleared for takeoff by the airport manager, we set to work filming the wannaGOFAST event from the air and from the ground.

We captured some great footage of the high speed runs down John Travolta’s private airstrip and made sure to get some great passes over the 144 cars waiting their turn to race down the runway.

wannaGOFAST was founded in order to fill a niche in the motorsports market place. Their goal was to create a safe and controlled environment for fellow car enthusiasts to pursue their “Need for Speed” without the restrictions of the standard 1/8 or ¼ mile drag strip. They have taken a “retro” approach to what Americana used to be and fast forwarded it into Modern Day times with an efficient and unique event platform.

Check out the aerial video footage of their Ocala, FL event and in case you missed it, here is the aerial photo album.


Aerial Drone Photograph of the wannaGOFAST event
Aerial Drone Photograph of the wannaGOFAST event


18th Annual Kite Festival Aerial Video

DroneVU Studios went on location to Treasure Island Florida to film the 18th Annual Kite Festival with our aerial drone photography platform.

We captured some great aerial drone footage of the festival and have posted the aerial photography album which is available here:


Check out the completed aerial video of the 18th Annual Kite Festival.