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Video Virtual Tour of $1.2M St Pete Beach Home

Check out a video tour of a $1.2M St Pete beach home. In this video DroneVU Studios combined aerial video with traditional interior and exterior video to provide viewers with complete views of the home from the air, the ground, and the interior.

At DroneVU Studios we use only the latest equipment, techniques, and methods to continue to deliver high quality footage for everything from aerial real estate photography, to real estate video virtual tours. Our professional real estate photographers and professional real estate videographers are experts at ensuring your real estate listing looks its best.

We have even more virtual tours, aerial photography footage, traditional photography footage, real estate footage, nature footage, and other types of footage on the way, so stay tuned as we continue to bring you video and photography footage from around the Tampa Bay area and other parts of Florida.

While you are here, don’t hesitate to stop by our extensive galleries of commercial photography footage, residential photography footage, aerial photography footage, and traditional photography footage.


Sunflowers on the Ranch 2016

DroneVU Studios went on location to film Sunflowers on the Ranch for 2016. In this video we combined traditional real estate virtual tour video footage with aerial real restate virtual tour video footage to bring viewers a complete picture of this great family activity.

This must see event only happens two weekends a year. Make sure that next year you stop by where there’s something for the whole family.

At DroneVU Studios we use only the latest equipment, techniques, and methods to continue to deliver high quality footage for everything from aerial real estate photography, to real estate video virtual tours. Our professional photographers and videographers are experts at ensuring your real estate listing looks its best.

We also do select events such as Sunflowers on the Ranch and are preparing to launch even more video and photography services in the near future. So stay tuned as we continue to expand and grow our services.

What Real Estate Photography Footage Do I Need?


In this post we would like to share some of our experiences from working with our extensive network of realtors as we continue to film real estate properties from the ground, interior, and from the air all over the Tampa Bay area.

One of the most common questions we get from our customers is what photography package do we recommend for their listing. Obviously not all listings are created equal, but we do have some loose recommendations we follow when working with most of our customers.

For example, paying for a full interior, exterior, and aerial video real estate package does not make sense if the property is going to list for $350K. Just like selecting an interior and exterior only package does not make sense when the house is going to list for over $1M.

So below is a table which shows what we typically recommend to our customers:

Real Estate Property Value: $100 – $150,000

Recommended Photography Package: None
Explanation: Properties in this range usually will not benefit from professional photography at all

Real Estate Property Value: $160,000 – $300,000

Recommended Photography Package: Interior / Exterior Only
Explanation: Properties in this range primarily just need high quality interior and exterior pictures. If the property has a lot of land, waterfront, or a great community, we may recommend aerial as well

Real Estate Property Value: $300,000 – $500,000

Recommended Photography Package: Interior / Exterior / Aerial
Explanation: Properties in this range will usually benefit from aerial pictures as well as interior and exterior pictures.  Also at the higher end of this price range we start recommending virtual tours of the property.

Real Estate Property Value: $500,000 – $1M

Recommended Photography Package: Interior / Exterior / Aerial / Virtual Tour
Explanation: Properties in this range we recommend interior, exterior, aerial, and a virtual tour. For the higher end of this range we recommend our enhanced virtual tours which include exterior video in addition to interior and exterior pictures

Real Estate Property Value: $1M+

Recommended Photography Package: Interior / Exterior / Aerial / Aerial Video / Exterior Video /Interior Video
Explanation: Properties in this range we recommend everything to make your listing stand out and to show your customer that you will stop at nothing to sell their exquisite home as quickly as possible.


Keep in mind that these are very loose guidelines and we frequently adjust our recommendations based on the customer’s requirements. Sometimes the real estate agent only won the seller’s business by guaranteeing certain services such as a virtual tour or aerial footage. In those cases we are happy to oblige since we are a full service aerial, traditional, and video provider.  But we are in the business to ensure our customer’s get the most value for their footage which is why we make these recommendations.

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We look forward to continuing to work with real estate professionals, construction companies, and other customers needing only the best footage from around the Tampa Bay area.

Virtual Tour of FishHawk Ranch

DroneVU Studios went on location to create a virtual tour of FishHawk Ranch.

FishHawk Ranch is an award-winning community developed by Newland Communities.  It is one the premier communities in the Tampa Bay area. The community is widely recognized as one of the nicest and most sought after communities in Florida. It was recently named the first “Green Community” in Hillsborough County. FishHawk Ranch has positioned itself as one of the leading eco-friendly communities in the country. During the early design and planning stages of the community, the Newland design team ensured they located the roads and sidewalks in a manner to preserve as much of the lush vegetation and trees as possible. From the moment you enter this community and see how the roads wind through the gorgeous large trees, you will appreciate the attention to detail that went into the design. Because of this layout, FishHawk Ranch has earned a variety of awards and national acclaim.

FishHawk Ranch is a master-planned community with a seemingly endless list of amenities, features and activities. These include multiple parks, swimming pools, tennis courts and tennis facility, over 25 miles of paved, nature walking and biking trails, clubhouses, fitness centers, grocery stores, retail shopping centers, banking, excellent schools and much more. FishHawk Ranch is really a true community where the residents get involved and attend events, know their neighbors and rally around each other when needed. I am a longtime resident and truly cannot think of a better place to live.

[source: fishhawkranchrealestate.net website]

Stay tuned as DroneVU Studios continues to bring you even more great aerial photography, aerial video, traditional photography, and traditional video for real estate, destinations, events, and people from around Florida and beyond.

Godzilla Is Coming…Are You Ready?

Are you ready? Stay tuned as DroneVU Studios brings you Godzilla UNLEASHED.

At DroneVU Studios we continue to push the boundaries of the possible with our traditional cameras, aerial drones, traditional photography, and aerial photography. Although we specialize in real estate from time to time we take on special projects that immerse our viewers in footage that was not possible to obtain just 10 years ago.

High Quality Sample Aerial Drone Footage

High Quality Sample Aerial Drone Footage
High Quality Sample Aerial Drone Footage

Our customers have asked and we have listened!

DroneVU Studios is pleased to announce a new section of our website called Sample Footage. In this section we will provide samples of our work in various formats up to 4K that can be downloaded by potential future customers. This will allow our customers to see for themselves the quality of the source footage that DroneVU Studios creates.

Video hosting sites such as YouTube and Vimeo down grade the quality of the source videos that are uploaded to them in order to save on storage space and bandwidth. For customers that intend to use our video footage for purposes other than Internet media outlets, our new section will help them decide if aerial drone footage will meet their needs by viewing the footage in its native format.

Stay tuned as we update the new section with sample footage representing the various services we offer. Sometime in the near future we will add high quality sample footage of construction sites, real estate properties, and provide sample source traditional and aerial pictures that can be downloaded as well.

Click the link below or the picture above to view the new section.



Aerial Drone Video of Saint Augustine, FL

In this video we went on location to Saint Augustine, Florida to film the historic city from the ground and from the air.

St. Augustine (Spanish: San AgustĂ­n) is a city in northeast Florida and the oldest continuously occupied European-established settlement in the continental United States.[6] The county seat of St. Johns County,[7] it is part of Florida’s First Coast region and the Jacksonville metropolitan area. According to the 2010 census, the city population was 12,975. The United States Census Bureau’s 2013 estimate of the city’s population was 13,679, while the urban area had a population of 69,173 in 2012.

Saint Augustine was founded on September 8, 1565, by Spanish admiral and Florida’s first governor, Pedro MenĂ©ndez de AvilĂ©s. He named the settlement “San AgustĂ­n”, as his ships bearing settlers, troops, and supplies from Spain had first sighted land in Florida on August 28, 1565, the feast day of St. Augustine. The city served as the capital of Spanish Florida for over 200 years, and remained the capital of East Florida when the territory briefly changed hands between Spain and Britain. It was designated the capital of the Florida Territory until Tallahassee was made the capital in 1824. Since the late 19th century, St. Augustine’s distinct historical character has made the city a major tourist attraction. It is also the headquarters for the Florida National Guard.

The city is a popular travel destination for its Spanish colonial-era buildings as well as elite 19th-century architecture. The city’s historic center is anchored by St. George Street, which is lined with historic houses from various periods. Most of these houses are reconstructions of buildings that had been burned or demolished over the years, though a few of them are original.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Stay tuned, because we are not done! The still photography and aerial photography album will be out soon.  At DroneVU Studios we specialize in aerial real estate videos, traditional real estate slideshows, and aerial real estate photography.

Aerial and Underwater Drone Tour of Rainbow Springs Park

Located at 19158 Sw 81st Place Rd, Dunnellon, Rainbow Springs Park comprises 1,459.07 acres upland and 12.83 acres submerged. The most significant natural feature is the first magnitude headspring basin which produces up to 600,000,000 US gallons of fresh water per day forming the Rainbow River.

The looking glass waters of Rainbow Springs come from several vents, not one large bubbling spring. The river itself supports a wide variety of fish, wildlife, and plants, many within easy viewing by visitors. In total, the park contains 11 distinct natural communities, including sandhills, flatwoods, upland mixed forests, and hydric hammocks.

Visitors are able to see a variety of wildflowers in season; oak, longleaf pines, magnolia, dogwood, red maple, redbud, cypress, sabal, and hickory trees; gray squirrels, red-shouldered hawks, swallowtail kites, barred owls, whitetail deer, and a wide variety of wading birds. The relative peace and quiet of the winter season offers much for the nature enthusiast. There is an interpretive room located in the visitor center displaying historical, natural, and cultural resources of the park.

(Source: wikipedia.org)

Also, in case you missed it, check out the aerial, terrestrial, and underwater album by clicking the link below, and stay tuned as we bring you even more aerial, terrestrial, and underwater pictures and videos of natural real estate, commercial real estate, and construction real estate around the Tampa Bay area.