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Why aerial photography? Real estate agents, brokers, and private homeowners know that in the competitive market today, every property needs to stand out to be noticed.

Studies have shown that properties sell up to 60% faster when a potential buyer can mentally picture themselves in their future home. To capture a potential buyer’s attention you have less than 45 seconds to make an impression, all it takes is one missing picture or missed angle to lose a buyer’s interest.

At DroneVU Studios, we ensure you convert those missed opportunities into success stories by getting the pictures and taking the videos that seals the deal.

Drone Used For Missing Persons Search

DroneVU Studios Tampa Missing Persons Poster

New ground is being broken in the drone industry as for the first time in the state of Virginia a drone is being used to search for a missing person.

Due to the amount of land surrounding the area where Jesse Matthew, 32 was last seen, the drone being used in the search for her is being used to more efficiently cover the area.

Drone’s high definition cameras and ability to take high quality video and still pictures ensures no turn will be left unturned.

FAA Approves Limited Commerical Drone Use


The FAA announced on September 25, 2014 that it had approved certain use of drones which is a very important first step towards removing some of the unknowns which currently exist when dealing with drone regulation.

At DroneVU Studios we continuously monitor these events as they unfold to ensure that we can continue to comply with all state and federal regulations while providing our customers with the aerial videos and pictures that will set them apart.


Drone Shot down by neighbor


A New Jersey 32-year-old waiter allegedly shot down a neighbor’s remote controlled helicopter drone which was taking pictures of a nearby residence that was under construction.

The drone operator heard several shotgun blasts then suddenly lost control of his drone before realizing that his drone was the target of the gunfire.

Shortly thereafter the drone owner discovered his wreaked drone with numerous small holes in it.

Lowner Township Police proceeded to the home of Russell Percenti and spotted the shotgun used to bring down the ill fated drone. Percenti was arrested and charged with possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose and criminal mischief. In addition to the charges, the shotgun was seized as evidence due to the alleged crime.

Needless to say, here at DroneVU studios we go to great lengths to ensure our drone operators are safe and one of the ways we do this is we alert neighbors prior to filming a homeowner’s house and we work with the local community to ensure all concerns are met.