Premium Video Callouts and Titles – $1.6M Property

As DroneVU Studios continues to provide Tampa Bay real estate customers with premium real estate video tours, we are pleased to offer a new service to our customers; premium video callouts and titles.

For most real estate properties, aerial real estate photography combined with interior and exterior real estate photography are enough to make the listing stand out from the competition. However, at DroneVU Studios we also offer aerial real estate video, traditional real estate video, and interior real estate video virtual tours.

One thing that is missing from many video virtual tours is premium video title callouts which really draw the viewer’s attention to the most important feature within a particular scene. At DroneVU Studios, we can help you really capture your user’s attention by using premium titles and callouts. Callouts are used to direct the potential real estate buyer to the exact focal point in the scene that you wish to highlight; without detracting from the rest of the premium real estate video experience.

We recommend premium titles and callouts for real estate properties $1M and up; not only will they set your listing apart from the rest, they will also show your seller that you have hired a professional real estate video and professional real estate photography company to help them sell their property in a timely manner.

As usual there’s more; we have even more virtual tours, aerial photography footage, traditional photography footage, real estate footage, nature footage, aerial video, time lapse, 360 photography, and other types of footage on the way, so stay tuned as we continue to bring you video and photography footage from around the Tampa Bay area and other parts of Florida.