Aerial Video Highlight Reel

Check out a video  compilation of some of our favorite footage from the past 4yrs into a single video. This video was filmed using a variety of drones, and DSLR cameras. This video also showcases the extensive experience that DroneVU Studios has when filming aerial and traditional for events, real estate, and construction around the Tampa Bay area.

As time permits we plan on releasing more highlight reels that further showcase the exceptional video footage that we capture during the normal course of our day.  Highlight reels will focus on aerial video of events, nature, construction, and other video newsworthy attractions.

As drones continue to come equipped with better cameras, longer ranges, longer battery life, and better obstacle avoidance; you can expect to see our footage only get even better as we stay at the forefront of the latest cutting edge camera, drone, photography, and video technology in this rapidly evolving industry.

As usual there’s more; we have even more virtual tours, aerial photography footage, traditional photography footage, real estate footage, nature footage, aerial video, time lapse, 360 photography, and other types of footage on the way, so stay tuned as we continue to bring you video and photography footage from around the Tampa Bay area and other parts of Florida.