Aerial Drone Photography/Videography Outlook for 2017

Aerial Video / Photography Outlook 2017
Aerial Video / Photography Outlook 2017


As the aerial video and photography industry continues to evolve, DroneVU Studios leads the way with only the latest hardware, software, and techniques.

Industry Trends

Aerial sUAS (small Unmanned Aerial Systems) platforms are advancing at a rapid pace. New technological breakthroughs are coming from all sides; cameras are starting to offer equivalent or better dynamic range than their handheld DSLR counterparts; it is a great time to be a part of a multi-billion dollar industry.

We have acquired the latest generation of drones and the results are yet another evolutionary step above their predecessors. Their dynamic range, 4K capabilities, gimbal stabilization, battery lifetimes, ease of use, camera control, and responsiveness is allowing us to get footage never before possible.


Thanks to the FAA’s very sensible approach to regulating commercial aerial drone photography and videography, DroneVU Studios is not only Section 333 exempt, we are also Part 107 certified; meaning we are fully authorized to offer our full portfolio of aerial video and photography services to our dedicated paying customers. We are also insured and use only the latest drone equipment to ensure safety and prevention  remains our top priority.

Real Estate

DroneVU Studios continues to be the premier go to company for drone real estate photography and video in the Tampa Bay area. We have expanded our services to include aerial 360 degree photography, interior real estate video, terrestrial real estate video, and time lapse video. We use only the latest stabilizers, software, and hardware to ensure we meet or exceed our real estate customer’s expectations.


At DroneVU Studios, 2017 is an action packed year for aerial drone services. We started off the year by filming several major events for venues and artists around the Tampa Bay area. Our aerial footage will appear in several upcoming highlight reels, promo videos, and event footage that is being shown throughout the year.    We pride ourselves in our flawless safety track record and take great care to ensure the unexpected is prevented.

In the near future we will start offering more aerial and traditional video and photography event coverage options.

Traditional Cameras

At DroneVU Studios we believe great aerial video is best achieved by adding great traditional video.  When it is time to transition from the air to the ground, DroneVU Studios has the hardware, software, and experience needed to give your viewers the complete picture. All of our DSLR, gimbal stabilization equipment, and lenses are some of the best in the industry at a price point our customers really appreciate.


Stay tuned as we continue to bring our viewers only the best aerial video, traditional video, aerial photography, and traditional photography footage from around the Tampa Bay area.