Video Virtual Tour of $1M+ Odessa Property

In this virtual tour we use 100% video to tour an Odessa, FL equestrian Estate. What makes this property unique is that it has both waterfront access with a dock, as well as horse stables. We combined aerial video with traditional exterior and interior video to walk our viewers through this rare property.

DroneVU Studios specializes in creating virtual tours of high end properties such as this one throughout the Tampa Bay area.  We can showcase your listing to your potential buyers using a variety of techniques including video, slideshows, aerial video, and traditional real estate photography.

This rare Odessa property is a great example of one of the many hidden real estate gems located right here in Tampa Bay. Combining a waterfront property with equestrian facilities lets its owners feel right at home with both their horses and their boats.

Only aerial video was capable of property showcasing the surrounding area for this property, and interior and exterior video was also used to ensure viewers saw the expansive interior,  expansive kitchen, magnificent living room views of the waterfront, and the upstairs bedroom, gym, and bathroom.

For this customer we did not stop there, we also created interior, exterior, and aerial photographs of the property which will help this customer attract even the most exclusive clientele.

Video Virtual Tour of $1.2M St Pete Beach Home

Check out a video tour of a $1.2M St Pete beach home. In this video DroneVU Studios combined aerial video with traditional interior and exterior video to provide viewers with complete views of the home from the air, the ground, and the interior.

At DroneVU Studios we use only the latest equipment, techniques, and methods to continue to deliver high quality footage for everything from aerial real estate photography, to real estate video virtual tours. Our professional real estate photographers and professional real estate videographers are experts at ensuring your real estate listing looks its best.

We have even more virtual tours, aerial photography footage, traditional photography footage, real estate footage, nature footage, and other types of footage on the way, so stay tuned as we continue to bring you video and photography footage from around the Tampa Bay area and other parts of Florida.

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