Save the Date! Sunflowers on the Ranch

Aerial Drone Picture from Sunflowers on the Ranch
Aerial Drone Picture from Sunflowers on the Ranch

Picture from Sunflowers on the Ranch

It’s that time of the year again, Futch Entertainment is gearing up for another great Sunflowers on the Ranch event and DroneVU Studios will be onsite to cover all of the action. Our viewers will get to see this great attraction from the air and from the ground. But seeing is believing so don’t take our word for it, check out the pictures from last year and make sure to save the date so that you can go and enjoy this great attraction in person:

When: APRIL 30TH THRU MAY 8TH, 2016

Check out the full gallery below by clicking the pictures above or the link below.

Stay tuned as we bring you even more footage from our coverage of the Sunflowers on the Ranch attraction and other events, real estate, and nature footage from around the Tampa Bay area.

Godzilla Is Coming…Are You Ready?

Are you ready? Stay tuned as DroneVU Studios brings you Godzilla UNLEASHED.

At DroneVU Studios we continue to push the boundaries of the possible with our traditional cameras, aerial drones, traditional photography, and aerial photography. Although we specialize in real estate from time to time we take on special projects that immerse our viewers in footage that was not possible to obtain just 10 years ago.

Picture of The Day

Sample Picture of the Day
Sample Picture of the Day
Sample Picture of the Day
Sample Picture of the Day


At DroneVU Studios we travel all over Florida to film real estate, events, and create other great aerial and traditional photography footage. We frequently encounter or create footage that we feel is unique or interesting enough to share with the world.

Due to our ever growing library of footage created during our daily aerial and traditional photography shoots as well as aerial and traditional videography shoots, we have created a new album called Landscapes / Picture of the Day where we will publish footage from around Florida and other states that we created.

This new album is yet another way that DroneVU Studios continues to bring only the best aerial photography images, traditional photography images, and real estate photography footage to our viewers.

Stay tuned as more pictures of the day get created, processed, and published. At DroneVU Studios we will continue to create only the best aerial and traditional photography footage and aerial and traditional videography footage in the Tampa Bay area.

In the meantime check out the gallery by clicking the link below or the pictures above.