Construction Real Estate Photography Album Updated

Aerial Drone Picture of Construction Site
Aerial Drone Picture of Construction Site

As we continue to film construction projects around the Tampa Bay area, we occasionally post some of the completed footage to the Construction album.  Our newest additions to the construction album are now available click the following link or the picture above to see one of Tampa’s newest structures as it is being built:

As we film construction projects we are reminded of the hard work that goes into creating new structures and our aerial drone’s high definition cameras can capture that process from start to finish, help construction companies avoid costly mistakes, and ensure the workplace is safer for the workers by spotting potential safety concerns before they become a problem.

As we continue to specialize in real estate, construction projects and construction aerial photography will continue to become more important as the close and personal aerial pictures that drones can create are far more detailed than anything a traditional helicopter or airplane can match. We can literally fly through the construction site at almost any altitude and give viewers, potential customers, and the site supervisors a very personal tour of the worksite in ways never imagined before.

We can be there for the ground breaking ceremony, the finished product, or at scheduled intervals in between to showcase your next architectural work of art as it is being created.

Check back soon; as we continue to exceed our construction customer’s expectations we will occasionally post some of the completed footage with our customer’s consent.