Alderman’s Ford Regional Park

Aerial Drone Photograph of Aldermans Ford Regional Park
Aerial Drone Photograph of Aldermans Ford Regional Park

Located at 9625 Canoe Launch Loop Lithia, FL 33567 this park includes the area where the Alafia River branches into its north and south prongs. The Alafia River is one of the most popular canoe spots in the state. A pedestrian/bicycle trail loops for more than two miles through the park, offering scenic views of the Alafia River.

This path, together with the boardwalk and foot bridges, is perfect for a self-guided tour as it provides a first-hand view of Hillsborough County’s abundant flora.

The main picnic area has nine shelters for family or group use, and an enclosed, air conditioned pavilion for large gatherings.

Alderman’s Ford Regional Park is one of Hillsborough County’s larger parks; as a result we captured plenty of aerial and traditional photographs to show our readers all of the park’s attractions.

This park is a great example of Hillsborough County’s continuing commitment to providing vast nature parks that allow visitors and locals alike to enjoy the natural real estate that nature has to offer.

This particular park contains heavy tree cover, hiding most of its attractions beneath the tree cover, so we weren’t able to capture as much aerial footage as we would like, so we took plenty of traditional photographs instead.

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