Aerial Drone Real Estate Photography Outlook for 2015


As we enter into 2015 the real estate industry is becoming more and more aware of how a birds eye view of real estate properties for sale can set their listing apart from the rest. Potential buyers need more and more incentive to click that next real estate listing as the housing market continues to produce wave after wave of high quality real estate listings.

Potential homebuyers love seeing a different and innovative perspective on their future neighborhood; aerial photographs of listings can show eye catching features such as the beach, equestrian properties, and the surrounding neighborhood.

Terrestrial photography of a real estate listing simply cannot do many real estate listings justice. Aerial photography is becoming the way of the future; showing people the world around them in very personal and innovative ways that were not possible or practical before.

Real estate professionals are well aware of how hard it can be to catch a potential buyer’s eye; the one thing that is sure to set their listings apart is an aerial view of their listing.

At DroneVU Studios we pride ourselves in producing high quality aerial photography and aerial videography of real estate listings around Tampa, Brandon, Clearwater, and other surrounding areas.

Due to current regulations, all aerial footage is completely free of charge. We also specialize in filming the interior of high end listings using traditional photography. Our experienced real estate photographers know how to get the right angles, lighting, and post processing that it takes to produce high quality interior, exterior, and aerial photographs of listings.

The best part is that our presence is pratically unnoticed. Simply send us the address and let us do all of the work. We will send you the completed footage once it is done. We know how busy real estate professionals are, and we make sure that capturing every angle of a listing is the most painless part of advertising the property.

Don’t forget to check out our real estate and construction galleries. We can capture every moment of a new development, from the ground breaking ceremony to the interior of Tampa’s newest addition to the real estate market.