2015 Construction Photography Packages Now Available

Aerial Drone Photograph of Construction Site
Aerial Drone Photograph of Construction Site

At DroneVU Studios we specialize in many kinds of real estate photography. From the groundbreaking ceremony to the finished work of art, we are capable of capturing great digital terrestrial and aerial footage of any construction project from start to finish.

Need photographs of the construction site on a scheduled basis? No problem, want to show your next big client what you did for your last big client? We’ve got you covered. We can film the ground breaking ceremony then come back for the completed project or we can film at periodic intervals in between then put together a time lapse slideshow or film showing the progression of the site from start to finish.

Want to safely inspect the rooflines of every building on the site? Reporting back to the central office every step of the way? We can do it all as our high definition photography leaves no building unfilmed.

Head on over and check out our 2015 construction packages then let us know what you need: