Upper Tampa Bay Park – Album Published

Aerial Photograph of Upper Tampa Bay Park

DroneVU studios went on location to Upper Tampa Bay Park located at 8001 Double Branch Road 6044 Fishhawk Cr, Tampa, FL 33635  to obtain some more great aerial photographs and aerial video of another Florida attraction.

At Upper Tampa Bay Park visitors may see gopher tortoises, zebra swallowtail butterflies and even bobcats. Shallow fresh water ponds throughout Upper Tampa Bay Park provide habitat for aquatic plants and animals and improve drainage for the surrounding areas. Live oaks and other hardwood trees often grow near these wetlands, where redshouldered hawks and bald eagles are sometimes seen.

As the Park ground slopes gently toward the bay, the pines and palmettos give way to palm trees, shrubs and grasses that can survive occasional flooding. Closer to the shoreline, visitors may see a strip of sand devoid of all vegetation; this is a salt barren. High tidal water gets trapped here and evaporates, concentrating salt in the soil and limiting plant life; yet some life, such as fiddler crabs, thrives here. Beyond the salt barren lies the shoreline, occupied almost exclusively by mangroves and salt marsh grasses. The shoreline and waters attract Park wildlife and many other species, including roseate spoonbills, ospreys, otters, bottle nosed dolphins and manatees.

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Stay tuned to see the aerial video of Upper Tampa Bay park.