Aerial Real Estate Photography

DroneVU Studios Aerial Picture

Real estate agents are using professional drone pilots to shoot aerial shots and take aerial videos of residential and commercial properties as a part of an emerging trend to increase market exposure for their sellers.

Commercial use of unmanned aerial systems is an emerging market that could see as many as 7,500 small UAS’s within the next 5 years.

For safety and privacy, professional aerial photography companies such as DroneVU Studios always flies line of sight only and restricts flights to over the property that is being photographed or recorded.

Typical rates to use an airplane or helicopter can exceed $1500.00/hr; far more than a small drone based aerial platform will cost.

As aerial photography and aerial video continue to help real estate agents and home sellers increase property’s selling potential, DroneVU Studios will continue to deliver high quality videography and photography which is guaranteed to set your listing a cut above the rest.

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