Benefits Of Drones

Aerial Photo Tornado Damage

Many people may be surprised at some of the ways drones are being used to provide benefits. We thought we would provide a short summary of just a few ways they are making a positive difference.

1. Farmers – aerial photography and videography created using drones can help farmers improve output, conserve resources, and avoid excess.

2. Infrastructure – thanks to drones buildings, roofs,  and bridges can be safely inspected for a fraction of the cost or danger that used to come with using humans to climb dangerous scaffolding or ladders to do the same thing.

3. Natural Disasters – in the event of a natural disaster drones and aerial video can be used to survey the damage and search for missing people. They can also be used to identify areas that need the most attention without endangering emergency personnel.

FAA Updates Drone Regulations For Some Areas


The Federal Aviation Administration posted a new warning notice on their website warns drone pilots that aircraft are prohibited from flying below 3,000 feet and within 3 miles of a National Football League, NCAA Division I college football game, or a Major League Baseball game for national security reasons.

The Indy Car, Champ, and NASCAR Sprint Cup auto races are also included in the warning. The restriction is from one hour before the events to one hour after.

At DroneVU Studios we restrict our drone flights to aerial photography and videography of real estate only due to our own safety concerns associated with flying a UAV or UAS over such populated areas. DroneVU Studios also fully complies with all existing FAA regulations and looks forward to a complete set of formal guidance from the FAA.

Aerial Real Estate Photography

DroneVU Studios Aerial Picture

Real estate agents are using professional drone pilots to shoot aerial shots and take aerial videos of residential and commercial properties as a part of an emerging trend to increase market exposure for their sellers.

Commercial use of unmanned aerial systems is an emerging market that could see as many as 7,500 small UAS’s within the next 5 years.

For safety and privacy, professional aerial photography companies such as DroneVU Studios always flies line of sight only and restricts flights to over the property that is being photographed or recorded.

Typical rates to use an airplane or helicopter can exceed $1500.00/hr; far more than a small drone based aerial platform will cost.

As aerial photography and aerial video continue to help real estate agents and home sellers increase property’s selling potential, DroneVU Studios will continue to deliver high quality videography and photography which is guaranteed to set your listing a cut above the rest.

Canadian Drone Regulations

Real Estate Canada Drone Regulations Picture

As we here at DroneVU Studios look forward to the FAA’s formal unveiling of drone regulations, Canada has revealed there’s in the form of a formal guidance for Canadian drone operators.

Transport Canada’s guidelines include not operating drones within 8km of airports, no higher than 90 meters, and not over heavily populated areas. In addition, Transport Canada recommends that the drone only be flown line of site and that a Flight Operations Certificate be obtained if the drone is used for commercial use or weighs more than 35kg.
Here at DroneVU studios, we place safety first in everything we do and we thing the rules are very reasonable. One of the reasons why we only specialize in real estate is because other potential drone uses typically involve greater risk to people on the ground such as sporting events, weddings, highways, busy neighborhoods, etc.

Aerial Drones Take Real-Estate Marketing To New Heights

Overhead Real Estate Photograph Sold Sign

Thanks to remote controlled drones, videos and photographs are now helping sell homes using technology that previously was prohibitively expensive.

As real estate agents know, buyers are very visual and drone aerial technology provides a serious competitive advantage over standard listings that stick to the typical interior and ground level shots.

Home sellers are becoming more and more receptive to using drone technology to help sell their homes; knowing all too well how competitive the home buyer’s market can be.

Big Data to Big Industries – Brought To you by Drones

Aerial Real Estate Construction Picture

At a recent Gigaom Structure Connect conference, 3DRobotics CEO and co-founder Chris Anderson discussed some of the future capabilities that drones could bring to any big data discussion including creating 3-D renderings of buildings or mapping a park.

A possible partnership with Autodesk could enable 3DRobotics to create 3-D models almost real time that could be rapidly incorporated into the available data about a particular project.

As new technologies and drone capabilities come to the market, DroneVU Studios stays abreast of all of the latest news and products; to ensure we continue to innovate and revolutionize the real estate aerial photography industry.