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Aerial Exterior Construction Progress Photography

Our aerial exterior constructoin photography services documents the entire construction site from the air at regular intervals to provide a permanent photographic record of construction progress.

We save you money by allowing architects, engineers, and consultants review the construction progress without having to fly them in or bring them onsite.

Aerial Progress photography shoots are generally performed at monthly intervals to document steady progression of the worksite. Aerial exterior progress photography typically begins at commencement of site work.

DroneVU Studio's aerial exterior construction progress photography services are perfect for:

  • Virtual QA/QC meetings
  • Improving communication to identify potential issues before they happen
  • Back checks of materials used
  • Change order verification
  • Solving facilities problems down the road
  • Quickly and easily verifying if a problem is a systemic or isolated issue, without doing destructive verification

We can schedule footage to be created on a bi-weekly or monthly basis. We can even just create before and after footage showing the bare ground then the completed project.

Aerial Exterior Construction Progress Video

Our aerial exterior construction progress video services provides a full 360 degree aerial view of the construction site. Aerial construction progress videos can help your company ensure no detail is overlooked, ensure the worksite is safe for the workers, and create a permanent documentation record of the progress of the site; starting with the ground breaking ceremony and finishing with an aerial tour of the completed work.

Our construction customers can use the aerial construction progress videos to:

  • Show stakeholders that progress is being made
  • Verify that the construction site is on schedule
  • Showcase past projects to future customers
  • Inspect the site for potential workplace safety issues
  • Identify and prevent costly problems before they occur
  • Show progression without incuring expensive travel costs for architects, engineers, and consultants

We can schedule footage to be created on a bi-weekly or monthly basis. We can even just create before and after footage showing the bare ground then the completed project.

The biggest benefit that video provides vs. just aerial pictures is that every angle is captured in minute detail, allowing our customers to pause freeze frame, even zoom in on specific footage that needs closer inspection. Video is better at creating comprehensive footage that documents the entire site.

The DroneVU Studios Difference

Are you currently using helicopter or airplane flyovers? DroneVU Studios works directly with our customers to creat a custom solution that is closely tailored to meet your needs. We can get close and personal in ways that are impossible for a helicopter or airplane to reproduce. We can film every single individual structure at the site and typically fly as low as 120' to capture every single detail in high resolution.

Need Traditional Construction Photography Also?

We can also create traditional pictures of the exterior walls of each structure at the site while we are there. We can even embed the traditional footage into the aerial construction progress footage to give you a comprehensive view in a single video.

Ready to market your completed masterpiece?

We can create an aerial real estate video tour of the completed community to showcase your work to future tenants or construction customers.

Custom Flight Pattern

We work directly with our aerial video customers to tailor our flight pattern to meet their needs.

You set the altitude!!

Based on the level of detail you need, we will adjust the altitude to provide greater detail or a wider field of view.

Electronic delivery

Once the footage is complete we will email you a custom download link where you can download the footage directly to your computer.

Great Pricing!!

Our optimized aerial photography platforms and customized workflows help us reduce our costs which we pass on to our customers.

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