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DroneVU Studios is a drone aerial photography and aerial video company headquartered in the Tampa Bay area that specializes in producing commercial real estate, construction, residential real estate, and event photography and video footage to assist property owners, event organizers, real estate agents, and construction companies in getting hiqh quality footage of the event, venue, property, or construction site. To see a complete list of our services and examples of our work Click HERE.

We use only the latest drones, cameras, lenses, software, and editing techniques to ensure our customer's footage exceeds expections. In addition to events, real estate, construction, and landscape photography; we also specialize in Lifestyle, Portrait, Creative, and Swimsuit photography. Click ClearVU Photography to see our other portfolio. We have successfully completed hundreds of jobs all over Florida, other states, and even other countries for everything from homeowners to state and local government to big names in the entertainment and real estate industries.

FAA Approved

We are one of the few companies in the Tampa Bay area that has full FAA approval for commercial operations. We have an FAA Section 333 exemption which allows us to work with commercial customers to fulfill their aerial photography, aerial video, and aerial inspection needs. We keep up with the latest rules and regulations so that you don't have to. We have airspace waivers and authorizations all over the state of Florida that help us legally obtain footage that most other companies are unable to, contact us today to get started.

Additionally, all of our pilots are FAA Part 107 licensed which ensures that our aerial operations adhere to the latest FAA guidelines.

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We use only the latest top of the line video editing software, drone technology, and camera technology to ensure that the final product is a high definition work of aerial art. We ensure to address any privacy and safety concerns before every job or complimentary aerial demonstration and ensure no questions remain unanswered prior to commencing work.

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