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Professional Photography and Cinematic Video

About Us
DSLR Photography

Headquartered in the Tampa Bay area, DroneVU Studios is Tampa's premier provider of aerial drone photography and aerial drone video services for real estate customers, commercial customers, large scale events such as concerts or corporate events, and individual undertakings such as small business promotional videos, and the commercial television marketing industry. We are in the process of combining ClearVU Photography and DroneVU Studios into VUMedia Group which is rapidly becoming the Tampa Bay area's fastest growing provider of cinematic drone and DSLR video as well as it's premium provider of high quality professional photography.

We also specialize in aerial photography, aerial video, traditional photography and traditional (handheld or tripod stabilized) video for events such as music festivals, special events, races, etc. Contact us today to get a quote and finalize your booking.

Drone Video and Photography

About Us

Aerial Photography

We use only the latest drone equipment to create high definition aerial photographs of all types of real estate and construction projects. Once we have created the footage, we use professional post processing techniques to turn the source images into finished professional footage that is ready for digital or print display.

Aerial Video

We specialize in creating aerial drone video typically up to 1080P HD however we can create up to 4K video if needed. Our drone video platforms can create aerial video footage never before possible. Once the footage is created, we use the latest post processing software, hardware, and techniques to ensure your footage exceeds your expectations.

Aerial Virtual Tour

We can create aerial virtual tours of just about anything. We combine audio tracks, aerial drone photography, aerial drone video, text, and motion graphics to create aerial virtual tours that can show just the highlights or that can show your viewers every single detail. When you are ready to interact with your viewers in new and innovative ways, we are ready to create a virtual tour that will exceed your expectations.

Aerial Monitoring

We can safely inspect buildings, towers, rooftops, windows, and other structures much faster than traditional methods. Our drones can scale that 20 story building in seconds, and provide immediate feedback on the status of that rooftop, AC unit, or powerline connection. We also specialize in periodic flyovers for construction sites to provide construction progression monitoring.

Real Estate Photography and Video

About Us
DSLR Photography

At DroneVU Studios, we are a full service real estate photography and video service provider. We put away the drones and break out the high definition DSLR cameras when our customers need interior and exterior footage as well as interior, and exterior video.

If you are looking for professional real estate photography, need a virtual tour, or want to combine aerial photography, aerial video, photography, and video into a great finished product, we have the experience and equipment needed to get the footage you require.

We also specialize in the highly technical requirements of real estate marketing commercial photography; we can create precise elevation views and directional views that can be combined with VR to show your potential clients the future views of their new home. We have filmed elevation and directional views for some of the biggest high rises on the East Coast.


We use the latest high definition DSLR cameras to film residential and commercial real estate exteriors. We are familiar with commercial exterior photography requirements and have exceeded the expectations of some of the biggest commercial real estate companies in the business. We also can create exterior footage for residential real estate properties as well as dusk shots.


We are experienced real estate photographers who use the latest techniques to film residential real estate interiors. We are familiar with HDR, DRI, EF, and other advanced techniques which we use when needed at no extra charge to create only the highest quality footage for our customers. We pay attention to every detail to ensure your listing will look it's absolute best.

Virtual Tours

We offer multiple types of virtual tours; slideshow, enhanced virtual tours where we combine video and photography, and full HD video virtual tours where the entire tour is created in a high definition video format. All virtual tours include text of the customers choosing, a sound track, and we offer unbranded MLS compliant versions as well as branded versions.


We can create traditional video footage of real estate properties, highlight reels for communities, and marketing video footage for commercial properties. We can also combine traditional video footage with aerial video footage to show viewers the complete 360 degree view both from the ground as well as from the air.

Event Photography and Video


At DroneVU Studios, we also offer aerial video, aerial photography, traditional photography, and traditional video for select events. We have a focus on safety, so event projects are accepted on a select case by case basis.

If you are looking for professional aerial video or aerial photography coverage for your event, contact us today to get started. Plesae note; we do not fly over crowds, near event participants, or accept event coverage requests that cannot be conducted safely. Our pilots are all fully Part 107 certified and strictly adhere to the restrictions that this rating applies to us.

We do not stop there, we also provide traditional camera coverage of your event using top of the line DSLRs, gimbals, tripods, lighting equipment, and the latest hardware and software. We have covered large scale events such as parades, concerts, music artists, and races. We can provide the RAW footage after the event that allows your in house video editors and colorists to integrate our aerial event footage into their post processing workflow, or we can color grade and post process the footage in house for a polished look and feel.

Event Aerial Photography

We can film events from the air using drones safely and adhering to all of the current federal, state, and local rules. We do not fly directly over crowds as we safely capture your event from the air. Contact us today for a quote for aerial photography of your event. Events include wedding aerial photography, music festival aerial photography, sporting event aerial photography, and other events as well.

Event Aerial Video

When a picture cannot tell the whole story we can provide drone aerial video of the event in resolutions up to 4K. We do not fly directly over crowds as we safely capture your event from the air. Contact us today for a quote for aerial video of your event. We use the latest drones to ensure the longest flight times with minimal time on the ground. Our on site setup is fast and we stay out of sight as our drones do all of the heavy lifting.

Event 360 Photography

Want to showcase your event in a unique way? We offer event aerial drone 360 degree panorama photography. This is a unique offering that can help you truly immerse your viewers in an exeprience that they get to control. Check out our 360 gallery and contact us today to book aerial 360 degree panorama photography for your event. Our drones use top of the line cameras and we use the latest photo editing techniques to deliver high quality aerial panorama footage for our customers.


We can also provide traditional DSLR event photography for events that need it all. In between drone flights we can film the event from the ground as we capture all of the action from both the ground and the air. Our experienced photographers also specialize in portraits, lifestyle, models, and creative photography. Click ClearVU Photography to view our partner site.

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