• Portraits / Models

    62 photos in 4 sub-albums

    This album contains portrait photography and models that we have filmed on location around Florida.

  • Hollis Gardens - Lifestyle

    30 photos

    In this album we created lifestyle footage of jewelry at Lakeland's Famous Hollis Gardens. This album shows a variety of footage including closeups of the jewelry and the jewelry being worn in lifestyle type settings.

  • Landscape / Picture of the Day

    88 photos

    This album contains landscape pictures that we have taken and enhanced in post processing to create images with certain styles versus simply reproducing the image as it was taken.

  • Events

    297 photos in 7 sub-albums

    In this album are photographs from some of our past events. We have filmed everything from RV shows to car shows. Contact us to get professional aerial and traditional photography services for your next event.